Pricing & Hours of Operation
6:00 am to 6:00 p.m.
Monday thru Friday

6 weeks to 12 years old
Full Time 40 hours $225.00 per week per child

Part Time 24 hours $150.00 per week per child
Multiple children in daycare due receive a 25% discounted price. 
Full time each additional child will be $160 weekly
Part time each additional child will be $110 weekly
Before/ After school care is available and is $100 weekly .

If a child/children will not be at daycare weekly they will be subject to Day by day/as needed rates
- 1 to 4 hrs $20 per hrs per child  /  4 to 8 hr $15 per hr per child
**Any hours over 40hr for full time children during the week will be an additional $10 per hour
Part time children who go over the 24 hrs per week are considered full time and will be subject to full time rates

Arts, Crafts, & Activies

Based on the time of year our arts & crafts will vary.  We could be working on a holiday craft or simply be finger painting, molding playdough into objects, coloring and drawing, cutting out shapes and  many other fun and exciting things. Coloring eggs and planning a fun little Easter hunt, making Valentines for friends or family, making flowers and vase for springtime, making x-mas decorations and so much more.

Gardening-We would be planting flowers and veggies in our garden where each child has their own planter that they are in charge of. The veggies grown in the garden are donated to the local food pantry. This helps the children with responsibility, independence and a feeling of accomplishment.The gardens also help show the children the difference in color, shape, texture, and the cycle of a living organisms. We go on small walks and take notice of what we see; what birds do you see? what colors were they? Did you see flowers describe them. What colors are the trees? 

Meal Time- The children help prepare the meals and help decide what will be on the menu for the coming week. Each child gets to help with an individual meal; breakfast and they have chosen waffles they will assist in measuring out the waffle mix, cracking the eggs, adding the milk, and stirring. THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COOK ON THE STOVE  that will always be handled by the adults. After the item is cooked they will place it on the table and everyone will enjoy what they have chosen to cook. Hands on and one on one time benefits the children in many ways. Cooking helps with large and small motor skills, helps teach early measuring and math skills, and also the biggest is independence and sharing. During meal time they also learn to set the table, serve themselves and have social time with the other kids. During this time they are more likely to try something new.   

Physical Activity- Playing outside will always be based on the weather. We will be outside for at least 30 mins. The children could be kicking or throwing the ball around, playing tag, going on the playsets, playing in the the playhouses, blowing bubbles, playing with chalk, and so much more. Indoor activity will be considered free play for the 30mins and the children can play with what they like. They will have "gym " where we will stretch, practice on balance and strength.

Reading/ singing time- Everyday we will be reading a story and learning songs. The children will take turns choosing the book and which song they would like to sing.

Computer/ Tablet - The children will each take turns using the computer or tablets for learning materials. We do use ABC mouse and other educational apps that challenge the children. We also work in workbooks based on the age of the child. 

Nap / Quiet time

Based on the age of the child there will be scheduled naps. They are supplied with their own playpen /cot, blanket, and if requested a pillow. They are wiped down and washed daily. While they are enrolled with us that playpen/cot is labeled for that child. Now if the child is older and doesnt take naps anymore they are welcomed to read a book, color, or play quietly in the playroom while the other children are napping.