Ericson Childcare,LLC is a home daycare that is inviting. You are treated as a member of the family. Every child that attends gets challenged in their own way to help them grow as in individual but be part of a group at the same time. A big part of observation with each child is how they play, speak, act, & learn it helps show how the child is developing with their milestones and help me focus in an area if needed.  Every child will learn to be independent with life skills and be part of a team/classroom. But most of all they will learn to Play, Laugh, and Grow Together.

A little about me .
I am a mother first and foremost. I have 3 beautiful children, a fantastic husband, and a friendly dog. My passion is children I really enjoy being with them and being an influence on the type of person they become. I have been working with children since the age of 11 but back then it was more babysitting. Every child deserves to learn, laugh, and grow.  That is a huge philosophy of mine. When children feel comfortable and are having fun they don’t feel the stress of having to meet a certain standard and they learn at their own pace. No child is left out of an activity; if it needs to be modified then it will be. Every child deserves to do the same activities as others. We do lots of crafts and outdoor activities and have plenty of fieldtrips. I am a licensed childcare provider by the State of Illinois and I accept children under the CCAP ( Child Care Assistance Program). I have certifications in child safety, first aid and C.P.R., safe sleep, shaken baby syndrome, SIDS- sudden infant death syndrome, food handler and welcoming each and every child’s development. Also you are able to claim the childcare expense on your taxes.